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Custom Painted Timberlands Design Reservation. HJartistry Shoe | Custom Nike Sneakers Store
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Custom Painted Timberlands Design Reservation. HJartistry Shoe | Custom Nike Sneakers Store

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NEW STYLE Nike 161


Send convo with as many details as possible about your design--include the shoe brand/size (men's/women's/children's)/design ideas/colors of the shoes and painted colors/pictures with design ideas/etc--the more detailed information the better. This is NOT for the total cost of the shoes--only for the design work (A Photoshopped or Hand Drawn Rendering) which will be sent via a convo.

Final prices range from $150-550+ and can take 4-7+ weeks. Price includes the base shoe and the design etc. Price does not include the shipping cost (USA residents shipping $17-27+ depending on the weight and size of the shoes).

Most shoes will be a total of:
$150-300+ for Toms/Vans/Converse
$275-550+ for Timberlands/Nike Air Max 90/Nike Air Force 1/Doc Martens

You must purchase this listing for $20 and THEN the Final listing ($150-550) for the total price of the shoes/painted artwork. Please Read Below.

When you order this listing you will receive a digital download with a picture saying you will receive your design idea in 1 week or less. I will send you a convo with the digital/photoshopped/hand drawn idea for your custom footwear.

In order to get a custom by HJartistry you must reserve a slot in advance with a $20 non-refundable deposit (the deposit is to pay for the design time, etc).

1. You send me a convo, prior to purchasing to make sure I am able to do the design you would like, with all the details about what type of shoes you would like--as many details as possible please.

2. Once I confirm I am able to do a design--please PURCHASE this $20 listing. I will work out 1-2 different design ideas (if you need multiple details/changes etc the cost will increase).

3. I will send you 1-2 different designs and the price estimates for the shoes [also let me know what your budget is, so I can accommodate. Please remember that the estimate includes the shoe and all the work. The shipping cost is extra] and remember that prices start at $150 all the way up to $550+

4. You purchase the final listing (that I will post up separately for you). You must purchase the final listing in order to receive the shoes. Since this listing is just for the mock up.

5. Please remember that shipping is and additional fee.

Designing a Sneaker is a process and the more details on the desired custom you can give the better your customs will be.
If you are unsure of what you want and want to give complete freedom to the artist on your custom that can be done as well.

How much?
- Each custom is a unique process and the total cost depends on the materials, shoe size, complexity and most importantly the TIME it takes to do the work. Keep in mind it is a private custom design and only a limited amount are made every month.

Estimated Total:
$150-300+ for Toms/Vans/Converse
$275-550+ for Timberlands/Nike Air Max 90/Nike Air Force 1/Doc Martens.

I will supply the shoes (factored in the costs above) or you can supply the shoes and I will factor that in to the cost. Send me a convo if you have a question regarding the cost.

After you purchase this $20 listing, and then the final listing, it will take approximately 4-7+ weeks. I do not do rush orders at this time.

*Each HJartistry custom is executed into a masterpiece, I strive to put out the highest quality possible.

If a design is not possible I will let you know when you send me the initial convo.

I highly recommend that you own the brand/style of shoes that you select for 1-2 months prior to ordering a custom pair--since all shoes wear differently/durability/etc.

*International Customers:The buyer is responsible for all duties, fees and taxes your country charges. If the shipment gets lost I will not be responsible, since insurance doesn't work outside the USA. REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE IF THE PACKAGE IS LOST. I will not claim responsibility...I will provide tracking via USPS but I have no means of knowing when it arrives. Hence, you will be responsible and understand that if the order gets lost I am unable to refund your purchase.
I have shipped to the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Turkey, and Australia and all items have arrived in good condition- but please be aware that it is possible the item can get lost and I am unable to refund your money if that occurs.

International Customers- Purchase at your own risk.

The customs you would like me to create may be recreated/reused and the design may be sold to others.

PLEASE REMEMBER If you would like a 1 of 1 custom it is triple the cost since it will not be recreated.

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