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Wonder Woman Nike Custom Roshe | Red Bling Nike Shoes Everyday low prices
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Wonder Woman Nike Custom Roshe | Red Bling Nike Shoes Everyday low prices

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NEW STYLE Nike 339


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- About:

We are very passionate about what we do and have learned how to hand-craft these shoes with excellent quality and a lasting impression on any buyer. We genuinely appreciate each purchase and maintain a strong desire to serve our customers with the utmost respect and understanding. With orders from nearly all 50 states and over 5 countries, we have become a successful small business who not only cares about each customer individually, but also delivers a beautiful product every time. We take great pride in our positive feedback thus far, and very are excited for what the future holds. Welcome to Grabbkicks!

- Process:

All of the designs are applied to a pair of AUTHENTIC Nike Roshes.

The fabric is first treated with various fabric protectants to avoid any unwanted errors such as frayed edges. Once treated, the fabric is then carefully cut to the proper shape and glued directly to the shoe. Prior to shipment, each shoe is meticulously inspected by our quality control team to ensure the highest possible quality. Please keep in mind that while hours are dedicated perfecting each shoe, these are all hand-made and the finished product may vary slightly from the provided photos.

- Turnaround Time:

Production of each pair of shoes generally takes 4 weeks after the purchase date. Shoes are then delivered to the addressee between 1-3 days after the ship date for domestic orders, and 6-10 days after the ship date for international orders.
While all orders are filled as quickly as possible, please keep in mind that the production period is necessary due to the amount of pending orders. Additional customs fees and import taxes for international packages may occur, at which point the addressee will be contacted by customs. Etsy provides tracking information on all shipped orders, which can be accessed at any time once the shipping label has been printed by the seller. The scheduled ship date for a pending order is provided to the buyer by Etsy on the order information.

- Care for shoes:

These custom Nike Roshes should be cared for properly. While these sneakers can be worn on a daily basis, we do not suggest exposing them to any extreme weather, nor are we responsible for any consistent wear and tear. These are not meant to be worn by a child at recess every day, for example. Please note that any scraping, scratching, or prying at the art work may permanently damage the shoes. We do not recommend washing the shoes in a washing machine. Instead, gently wipe the shoes with a damp cloth until any stains are gone.

- Custom Requests:

If you have a design or concept you'd like created, feel free to contact us and we'll see if it's possible! We love hearing great ideas from our customers!

- Returns:

Each order is customized to the preferred size, color, and design. For this reason, all sales are final. Please double check your order prior to officially making the purchase to be certain that you have selected the correct size, color, and design. Also, note that all of our size options are US sizes and that size conversion may be required for any international orders.

Questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point.

Grabbkicks' items are not licensed products of any NFL team, DC, Nike, or any trademark/copyrighted company you may see in our work. This item is, however, crafted using the licensed fabric or comic. Grabbkicks is not affiliated with or sponsored by the NFL, DC, Nike, or any trademark/copyrighted company.

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